Olive Sorting

WECO serves the olive oil processing industry with our OliveTek defect and foreign material sorter.  OliveTek removes mummy berry, over/under ripes, and a wide range of foreign material to rapidly increase productivity in your mill.

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OliveTek Olive Sorter

OliveTek sorts and removes MOO (Material Other than Olives) and mummy berries using both the visible and non-visible (IR) light spectrums. The olives sorting machine is a single-view optical sorter that uses our new state-of-the-art ChromaxHD software. The OliveTek is currently available in two sizes to meet your needs:

  • 40” (102 cm) wide model with 50-channel belt
  • 64” (163 cm) wide model with 80-channel belt

Benefits of Our Technology

  • Our Chromax LED illuminator uses the latest state-of-the-art LEDs for the highest output, greatest reliability and most efficiency.
  • The Chromax LED illuminator has no moving parts, ensuring durability that is unaffected by rough treatment during shipping and operation.
  • The horizontally diffused illumination of Chromax LED sorters minimizes spectral reflections from shiny or wet objects, reducing color errors.
  • The full-color spectrum feature is modeled after human color perception, making our sorters easy to set up and fine-tune during operation.
  • Modular design means that if an optic module fails, a WECO technician is able to replace it within minutes, with no alignment or calibration required.
  • With controlled depth of field and excellent color calibration, our sorters do not require a background surface/roller that must be kept clean.
  • Low power specifications mean that energy-efficient WECO Chromax sorters do not require active cooling even in ambient temperatures over 100˚F (38˚C).