Walnut Sorting

WECO’s WalnutTek walnut sorting machine is the industry leader in speed, quality and savings. Walnut processors around the world trust WalnutTek to provide the consistent quality that our customers demand. Our walnut sorter also offers the increased throughput and reduced labor requirements that they desire.

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WalnutTek Walnut Sorter

Our system starts with the Chromax camera that views walnuts in free fall without the need for a clean background. During processing, the camera remains clean for hours, thanks to a well-spaced viewing window. Plus, a touchscreen color display makes adjustments simple.

Additional WalnutTek advantages include:

  • Sorters at the huller and in-shell
  • Green and black re-sorting at the huller
  • Several width options — 23”, 48”, 64” and 80”
  • Capacity from 5 – 30 tons/hour
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Additional Systems

Sensors and Devices. WECO offers devices to enhance the overall energy efficiency of your facility, reducing your fuel consumption — and your costs — by as much as 30%. Our plenum humidity monitors and environmental sensors measure the humidity and temperature in your drying plenum as well as inside and outside your building. We use that data to help you design your facility and automate the recirculation process.

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AgTrack Software. Our information management system, AgTrack, helps streamline your operation as well. Designed for walnut facilities, this software allows you to record every step of the process — receiving loads, staging loads, cleaning, drying and releasing.

AgTrack also provides you with greater control over your information. Operational data that is stored in a database may be used to create trailer tickets, bin tickets, shipping manifests and customer reports, as well as to record drying times.

Users get real-time system access, robust reporting features and exceptional WECO service, along with an intuitive interface.

Other AgTrack advantage are:

  • Farm-to-processor traceability
  • Increased efficiency
  • The opportunity to differentiate your product