Cranberry Sorting

WECO provides cranberry sorters for both the fresh market cranberry packer and the wet-line processor. The BerryTek and Impulse sorters provide a dual layer of technology that removes under-ripe, over-ripe and defective berries before packaging occurs in the fresh market packing facility. The ProcessTek is a single-view, high-capacity sorter designed specifically for use in a wet-line environment prior to freezing the berries.


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Fresh Pack Berries

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Combine the BerryTek and IMPULSE Sortivators for Multiple Levels of Sorting, Reduced Labor and Improved Pack-out

Combine the BerryTek and Impulse cranberry sorting machines for multiple levels of sorting, reduced labor and improved pack-out.

The BerryTek and Impulse systems can be used as standalone units or in conjunction with one another, offering packers multiple levels of sorting. Combining the BerryTek and Impulse sorters allows the berries to be viewed three times for softness and twice for color in a single pass, dramatically reducing the need for human handling of the fruit. The BerryTek is the only two-view sorter that allows fresh market packers to see two sides of the berry at the same time.

The Impulse Soft Sorter has been extensively tested, with outstanding performance and feedback from our customers. We believe that this system is the most technologically advanced, cost-effective sorting system on the market today, and that it significantly lowers labor costs and improves pack-out quality.

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Touchscreen Console

Introduced in 2021, the new Line-Control Touchscreen allows the user to control all WECO manufactured cleaning line equipment — from the blower to the color and soft sorters through the inspection table.

Our new Sortivator machines require this new 19” (48.3 cm) touchscreen with our new state-of-the-art software platform. Start, stop, line speed adjustments, and the in-place cleaning/drying functions are controlled from this central touchscreen. The new display also provides real-time expanded sort data. Additionally, both LAN and WAN networking capabilities are included for future data collection and reporting.

Durability: The Impulse Soft Sorter is built with the durability that distinguishes all WECO sorters. Users are able to minimize downtime by fully washing the sorter in line — the sensors are impervious to water and cleansers and can be scrubbed with a regular brush.

Antimicrobial Technology: The Impulse Soft Sorter is manufactured with an FDA-approved, antimicrobial resin. Each dynamic sensor is individually manufactured with this antimicrobial resin, making our soft sorter the safest of its kind in the industry.