Pecan Moisture Monitoring

The WECO Moisture Monitor System has been developed from over 30 years of drying experience to increase the efficiency of our customer’s facilities and lower fuel consumption. WECO offers a wide range of dryer automation that includes our WECO Handheld Moisture Meter and the WECO Automated Moisture Meter System. A shared advantage of both systems is that the WECO Moisture Meter Systems takes a large sample from the top and bottom of Stationary Bins or Drying Wagons to give our customers access to more knowledge about their dryers to improve efficiency.

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Hand-Held Moisture Meter:

This compact device allows our customers to take a manual reading from the Wagon or Stationary Bin.

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Automated Moisture Systems

This system consists of a series of electronics mounted to Stationary Bins or Drying Wagons. All real time drying information is then displayed on a central touchscreen to make monitoring of individual bins quick and easy. The Automated Moisture can also include the installation of a laptop with the WECO AgTrack Software which allows remote access to dryer viewing/controls and a database that saves all drying information for the entire harvest.

Automation Packages

  • Read-Only: This package just includes the automation of taking the moisture reading and removes the need to be constantly taking moisture samples.
  • Auto-Shut Down: This package includes the automation of fan and burners to turn off once the user assigned moisture content has been reached for individual bins.