Lifecycle Services

WECO offers customizable Lifecycle Service options to ensure operational efficiency with maximum productivity and performance, helping safeguard your investment’s upkeep. Our best-in-class Lifecycle Service options and maintenance can protect your equipment, quality, technology, and dependability throughout its lifecycle. 

This is what Duravant Lifecycle Services network is designed to deliver. 


Having a spare part when and where you need it; staying on top of consumables and scheduled maintenance; consistent, reliable and responsible repairs; timely refurbishment – these are the essentials that make the difference in maximizing equipment uptime and longevity.  Duravant Lifecycle Services has it all. 


Your WECO equipment and systems are major investments that demand safeguarding. That’s why we have always gone the extra mile to help optimize equipment performance. Whatever your product or process, challenges or opportunities, count on us to provide the right aftermarket services to help you get the most out of your investment. 


We design our aftermarket programs to deliver results – from enhancing equipment maintenance and long-term viability to improving operator and plant manager productivity – efficiently and cost effectively. 


Duravant Lifecycle Services enhances access to our parent company’s leadership in digitization and IIOT technologies to help you stay competitive, now and in the future. 

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Lifecycle Services

Duravant Lifecycle Services is a global network of Duravant operating company aftermarket organizations. We’re structured to support enhanced local delivery of all services, from purchase to installation parts and maintenance to end-of-life and replacement. 

Duravant Lifecycle Services is built on a center of excellence model that helps our companies coordinate globally to create new opportunities for improving services locally.