WECO (Woodside Electronics Corporation) manufactures a range of equipment for color and defect sorting and moisture monitoring for diverse markets in the food-growing and processing industries. Our electronic optical sorting machines are used for tomato sorting on the harvester, walnut and pecan line sorting and drying, hops kiln moisture monitoring, and small fruit sorting of blueberries, cranberries, olives, coffee cherries and wine grapes. 

WECO recently announced a strategic partnership with fellow Duravant operating company Multiscan Technologies.  Under the partnership, WECO will now sell, lease, and service Multiscan nut, olive, and fresh fruit & vegetable equipment in North America.  This addition to our product portfolio provides even greater line flexibility on top of industry-leading service for North American processors.  Click here to learn more.

Maximum Food Processing Productivity

Our reliable, affordable optical nut and fruit sorting equipment provides the automation our customers seek to help:

  • Improve product quality
  • Increase efficiency
  • Eliminate downtime
  • Reduce labor costs

Sorting and Moisture Monitoring Solutions

WECO understands that you may need assistance to select the best moisture monitoring or nut/fruit sorting machine for your needs. We don’t just sell or lease equipment; we design and manufacture it too, so we have the expertise to recommend the optimal machine for your specific requirements.

We help you install, start up and learn to use our equipment. We visit our customers’ sites to ensure that the equipment is working as it should. We provide maintenance and emergency service on demand. And we refurbish and upgrade all systems with new or updated hardware and software.

WECO Believes in Putting Our Customers First

We create long-lasting relationships by prioritizing our customers’ needs. Toward that end, we design and manufacture equipment that maximizes our customers’ productivity and efficiency. Learn more about the benefits we offer by browsing the equipment listed above or contact us to discuss your requirements with a sales representative.