Pecan Sorting

The PecanTek-FS features a 32″ (81 cm) vibratory pan/hopper combo that provides consistent and controlled delivery of the pecans for maximum scanning capability. By utilizing the entire camera field of view, our pecan sorting machine offers optimal product control for desired outcomes.

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PecanTek Pecan Sorter

Its stainless steel design makes the PecanTek-FS extremely durable and able to withstand the most challenging environments. Our self-cleaning camera system prevents the buildup of dust and debris during the harvesting process, while removing anything picked up in facilities in harsh environments. The 64-point air manifold rejects unwanted material with precise air nozzles, providing a highly accurate reject rate.

Our ChromaxHD technology offers numerous benefits:

  • Our LED illuminator uses state-of-the-art LEDs for the highest possible output, reliability and efficiency.
  • With no moving parts, our sorters are durable enough to withstand rough treatment during shipping and operation.
  • Horizontally diffuse illumination minimizes spectral reflections from shiny and wet objects for fewer color errors.
  • Controlled depth of field eliminates the need for controlled backgrounds and their associated maintenance.
  • Full-color spectrum sorters perform a variety of sorting tasks and are intuitive to set up and fine-tune in operation.
  • With low power requirements, ChromaxHD sorters do not need active cooling, even in the warmest temperatures.
  • Modular design enables easy replacement of optic modules by a WECO technician, limiting risks due to lengthy and costly downtime.