Blueberry Sorting

The BerryTek Color sorter is the first line of defense for optically sorting berries. WECO is proud to introduce the BerryTek Color Sortivator in 2021 with many new features. The BerryTek Color Sortivator is a fresh-market optical berry sorter that uses two sets of cameras to view both the top and bottom of every berry to effectively remove red, green, soft and shriveled berries as well as berries damaged during mechanical harvesting. Using a specific wavelength of infrared (IR) light, the BerryTek Color Sortivator sees under the skin of each berry to detect any over-ripe and damaged flesh. This is the fastest, most effective and gentlest optical soft berry sorter in the world.  40” width.

Our state-of-the-art electronic color and soft blueberry sorters have been the industry standard for over 15 years. WECO blueberry sorting machines are used by every major marketing brand in the world.

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Fresh Blueberries

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BerryTek Sortivator

Three small but essential advances make the new BerryTek Color Sortivator the gentlest and most sanitary blueberry color sorter in the industry. First, an integrated elevator transfers the berries from one machine to the next with a drop of less than 2 inches. Second, the pathway from the main channelized belt through the camera system has been reduced by 2 full inches. Third, all new WECO machines feature integrated wash and dry-in-place systems.

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Impulse2 Sortivator

The new Impulse2 has twice the processing power and four times the resolution compared with the original version, which translates into increased soft sorting accuracy.

The new Impulse2 Soft Sortivator uses a series of 50 dynamic sensors that detect soft, over-ripe and damaged berries and has three essential features that make it the gentlest and most sanitary berry sorter. First, an integrated elevator transfers the berries from one machine to the next with a drop of less than 2 inches. Additionally, the pathway from the main channelized belt to the sensor block has been reduced by 2 full inches. Finally, all new WECO machines have integrated wash and dry-in-place systems.

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Touchscreen Console

Introduced in 2021, the new Line-Control Touchscreen allows the user to control all WECO manufactured cleaning line equipment — from the blower to the color and soft sorters through the inspection table.

Our new Sortivator machines require this new 19” touchscreen with our new state-of-the-art software platform. Start, stop, line speed adjustments, and the in-place cleaning/drying functions are controlled from this central touchscreen. The new display also provides real-time expanded sort data. Additionally, both LAN and WAN networking capabilities are included for future data collection and reporting.

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WECO Inspection Table

Available in 6- and 8-foot lengths, the WECO-designed inspection table fits perfectly with our Sortivator machines.

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40” Blower

WECO is proud to introduce an all-new, state-of-the-art blower that perfectly fits our WECO equipment. The blower features:

  • Adjustable hopper for product flow
  • Single, low-bruise plastic chain belt that carries the fruit throughout the entire process
  • Catch pan below the hopper that collects small debris and keeps the space below the in-feed clean
  • Compact, efficient linear fan design that requires only half the power of competitor systems
  • Ultra-quiet fan operation
  • Two separate collection points for berries and leaves/debris
  • Hood screen that is easily cleaned without special tools
  • Built-in spray and drying bars for clean-in-place sanitation
  • Blower exit that has a less than 2-inch transition to the next stage

The new WECO blower is available with or without the line-control console.

Frozen Blueberries

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Pre-IQF: The WECO ProcessTek optical sorter is a single-view, high-capacity sorter designed specifically for a wet-line environment before the berries are frozen. With its high-speed belt and new ChromaxHD Technology, this machine provides a mission-critical sort prior to freezing. ProcessTek efficiently removes green and red berries along with over-ripe, shriveled berries and foreign material. Available in 40” and 64″ widths.

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Post-IQF: This double-view optical sorter uses a vibratory pan-feed delivery system to get the fruit to the optical cameras, preventing frozen berries from sticking to belts. By using two sets of cameras, the VibeTek sees 100% more surface area than a single-view sorter, greatly reducing the number of half-green or half-red berries. Advanced algorithms are also very effective in removing shriveled berries. This high-capacity optical sorter provides a critical final clean-up sort after an IQF tunnel. It can also be used for repacking frozen berries in the off-season. 40” width.