Hops Moisture Monitoring

The WECO HopTek moisture monitoring system provides real-time moisture readings during the drying process. Once the drying floor is filled with hops and the burner/fan kiln system turned on, the HopTek system starts providing real-time moisture levels on a touch-screen system mounted in the kiln facility. Simply input your desired moisture level, and the system’s hops moisture meter automatically indicates when that level is reached.

See Our Hops Moisture Monitoring Equipment in Action

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HopTek Moisture Monitoring Technology

WECO’s moisture monitoring technology uses a combination of proprietary software and custom-printed circuit boards to measure the electrical properties of the hops. Then, we use the measured electrical properties in conjunction with a product-specific calibration to determine the moisture. The result is an average moisture reading across the entire sensor plate area.

The advantages of our HopTek technology include:

  • Reduced labor due to the elimination of sample taking
  • Consistent drying that results in increased product weight and revenue
  • Reduced energy costs from less accidental over-drying
  • Logged drying data for future use or external enterprise resource planning (ERP)
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HopTek History

The HopTek system was adapted from walnut industry equipment because the two industries share many of the same kiln-based drying systems. Over the past 10+ years, WECO has continuously added innovations to our moisture monitoring technology, and hundreds of our systems are currently in operation throughout North and South America.