A Range of Useful Services

Installation and Startup. A WECO technician assists in the proper installation of your sorter as well as conducts valuable training sessions prior to the start of the season. On the first day of harvest, a technician is on-site to ensure proper settings, giving you a strong start to the season.

Proactive and Emergency Service. During the harvest, WECO technicians regularly visit sites using our equipment to ensure that systems are working optimally. Plus, technicians are available 24/7 should any problems arise.

Refurbishment. Units are fully refurbished after the season in preparation for the following year.

Upgrades. During refurbishment, WECO will automatically upgrade all systems with any new software and/or hardware that has been developed. Conveyor system parts are under warranty for one year, while electronic parts and reject system parts are covered for the length of the rental agreement.