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Our commitment to long-term optimized equipment performance and customer success.

WECO and Multiscan form strategic partnership in North America.

WECO is now selling, leasing and supporting Multiscan's optical sorters, and other vision equipment, in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Global Manufacturer of Food Product Sorting and Conditioning Systems

Increase Efficiency, Eliminate Downtime and Reduce Costs in a Range of Processing Industries

Defect and Foreign Material Sorting for Small Fruit, Tomatoes, and Nuts

Increase Sorting Accuracy Without Sacrificing Throughput

Moisture Monitoring and Control Systems for Nuts and Hops

Ensure Optimal Moisture Content and Reduce Drying Costs

Food Product Sorting and Conditioning Systems, Engineered for Simplicity

Woodside Electronics Corp. (“WECO”), a world-leading manufacturer for the agricultural industry, has been designing, manufacturing and servicing electronic sorting and moisture monitoring systems for 40 years, with thousands of units deployed across six continents. 

We recognize that our customers are not paying for a piece of technology, they are buying a result.  Our equipment and systems are purpose-built to each commodity’s requirements and precision-engineered for simple, efficient operation.  The results: smaller footprint in your facility, higher throughput, maximum uptime, AND affordable pricing.

Service is just as critical.  Our people are always empowered and equipped to do the right thing for our customers, every time.  This service mindset and revolutionary sorter lease program mean we continually work to earn your business season after season.

LED Illuminator
The Chromax LED illuminator provides the highest possible output, reliability and efficiency.
Our illuminator withstands even the roughest treatment during shipping and operation.
Our sorters do not require active cooling from fans or chillers, even in high temperatures.
Diffuse illumination minimizes spectral refractions from shiny or wet objects, eliminating color errors.
Full Color Spectrum
Chromax sorters are modeled after human color perception and are easy to set up and fine-tune.
Controlled Depth of Field
Our technology eliminates the need for controlled backgrounds and the associated maintenance.
In the unlikely event of a failure, a WECO technician replaces a Chromax optic module in minutes.

Optical Sorting Solutions for Multiple Industries

Explore our technologically advanced optical sorting solutions and learn how they increase throughput and quality while decreasing labor costs.

Moisture Monitoring Solutions for Multiple Industries

Our moisture monitoring solutions improve product quality by achieving optimal moisture levels and reducing operating costs.

The Science of Sorting. The Art of Service.

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March 9, 2023
WECO and Multiscan Technologies (“Multiscan”), both members of the Duravant family of operating companies, announce they have entered into a strategic partnership to support nut, fruit and vegetable packers and processors across the United States, Canada...

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